Vehicle Servicing

If you're looking for someone to service your vehicle, trust Road Star Automotive to keep your car running smoothly and reliably. We can complete routine logbook servicing for new vehicles, using original manufacturer components and repairing to manufacturer specifications so that you maintain your factory warranty. 

For older vehicles, we offer minor and major servicing, ensuring that your car is running at its safest on the road. To find out more about our vehicle servicing, or to book your vehicle in today, contact us.

Roadworthy Certificates

At Road Star Automotive, we can arrange a licensed VicRoads vehicle tester for you. Your vehicle must attain a roadworthy certificate so that it can be registered for road use. Your safety on the roads is our priority, your car will be assessed to ensure that is as safe as possible for you and your passengers. Once your roadworthy inspection is complete, we can perform any repairs that may be required to attain your roadworthy certificate. To find out more, or to arrange a booking, contact us today.

Steering and Suspension

Is your suspension knocking? Or your car not steering as precisely as it once did? At Road Star Automotive we can repair and replace steering and suspension components on all makes and models. Your suspension wears over time, resulting in decreased ride quality, making driving less comfortable. Your car's steering components also wear, making your steering feel loose, hard to steer and less precise. We can also align your vehicle's front end to get your car handling as the factory intended it to.

As well as repairing your cars suspension, we can also repair or replace suspension components on trailers and caravans. For an assessment of your vehicle or trailer, or to arrange a quote on repair, please don't hesitate to contact us.


The brakes of your car are crucial to your safety and the safety of others on the road. If they are worn or faulty, your braking power can be decreased, which increases your vehicle's stopping distance. If your steering shudders under heavy braking, your brakes squeal or you're just not getting the braking power you desire from your vehicle, speak with us today about possible braking solutions using top quality components. To get in touch, contact us today.

Transmission Servicing

The transmission of your car, whether it's manual or automatic, requires routine maintenance. This routine maintenance ensures it continues to operate smoothly and avoids any costly damage occurring. We can service transmissions on modern vehicles, as well as all the classics. To find out more about transmission servicing, or for a quote on a transmission service for your car, contact us.

Diagnostic Scanning

Has your engine light or any other dash lights come on? Your vehicle may be in need of a diagnostic scan to find the faults that are occurring. At Road Star Automotive we have the latest in diagnostic scanning equipment to professionally scan all makes and models, and repair any faults. We're proud of our complex problem solving ability with all cars and provide a diagnostic scan and advice for all customers. Drive in today for a scan of your vehicle, or contact us today.

Cooling System Repairs

Is your car overheating? Your cooling system is used to ensure that your engine maintains the correct operating temperature. If it gets too hot, major damage can occur, resulting in costly repairs. We can repair and replace radiators, flush your cooling system and replace head gaskets. At Road Star Automotive, we will ensure your cooling system is flowing efficiently and that no leaks are occurring so your car maintains the right temperature all year round. To find out more, or to book in for cooling system repairs, please don't hesitate to contact us.


If your car's tyres are worn, it can result in reduced traction on the road. Having reduced traction makes driving unsafe as your car may not handle as you're expect it to. We have access to a huge range of tyres from a number of different manufacturer's.

These tyres suit a variety of applications, and a range of price points. Upon request we can also balance and align your wheels. To arrange a quote on tyres for your vehicle, contact us.